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ProForm 600 LE Elliptical Machine

ProForm 600 LE elliptical is another piece of cardio equipment any user can benefit from. It is designed specifically for those striving to lose excess weight and lead a healthy way of life. Due to 16 digital resistance levels and upper body workout it delivers professional training and is able to help you tone and tighten your body rather fast and without much effort. The only secret is consistent workout using ProForm 600 LE.

ProForm 600 LE Elliptical Machine
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  • Quite compact in size this elliptical machine can be folded when necessary and moved to allow extra storage space. This is the reason it is considered the best option for small places.
  • Gives you an opportunity to get a more intense workout thus burning more calories and improving the muscle tone with the help of upper-body arms.
  • Quality Silent Magnetic resistance allows a smoother and practically noiseless workout which is quite beneficial for users with small children: you are able to devote some time to yourself while your kids are sleeping.
  • With MP3 and built-in speakers any user is able to listen to his/her favorite music during the training. And research showed that listening to favorite songs during physical exercises adds to the overall effect.
  • The pedals are cushioned and oversized which allows a smoother and safer workout. With quality pedals you won't feel the strain on your ankles, knees and joints.
  • ProForm 600 LE can monitor a user's heart rate with the help of Dual-Grip EKG which is extremely necessary for a safe workout.


  • Has a 3-position incline; however, it should be adjusted manually which turned out to be quite a disadvantage for many customers.
  • iFit module and the membership are sold separately.
  • There is no back light on the console which makes it difficult to read your workout progress.
  • Most users claim it was difficult for them to assemble this elliptical.
  • The maximum weight is slightly smaller than that of its competitors – only 275 lbs.

If you are willing to know more about this elliptical machine, it's a good idea to visit Amazon and read customers' reviews.

Our Review

ProForm 600 LE is considered to be affordable for those who are willing to start their cardio workout using an elliptical machine. Among the main reasons why people opt for purchasing this machine is iFit Live which has become one of the greatest features of elliptical trainers lately. This is a motivational tool that allows any user to get the best workout routine and reach their training goals with one of the most famous fitness trainers in the world – Jillian Michaels.

In addition to iFit ProForm 600 LE elliptical can also boast 14 resistance levels, Silent Magnetic Resistance, 18 workout programs and cushioned pedals which allow making 18 inch strides. 3-position manual incline allows you to train calves, glutes and quads and the monitor helps you to track time, distance, speed, pulse and calories burned during your cardio training.


  • Workout fan
  • Oversized and cushioned pedals
  • Inertia-enhanced flywheel
  • SpaceSaver design
  • Built-in transport wheels
  • Convenient water bottle holder
  • Maximum weight: 275 lbs


With all its features ProForm 600 LE elliptical is considered to be the best guide to a perfectly toned body. Moreover, despite the abundance of useful characteristics this elliptical can be purchased at a quite reasonable price

Enjoy the 8-week weight-loss program, burn those calories, track your progress, stay motivated and reach the desired fitness goals with ProForm 600 LE.