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What is the Best Elliptical Machine for Workouts in 2022?

Do you feel there is something you need to change about your way of life? Are you willing to lose weight, keep fit and be healthy? If you are looking for the best workout machine for you but are still hesitating which one to purchase, you've come to the right place. Here we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the best workout machines there are on the market today – elliptical trainers.

You may have been surfing the Internet for quite a long time searching for options, looking through professional articles and reading users' reviews trying to select which training equipment to buy for home use. At our website you will find out which cardio-vascular elliptical machine is the best, how to choose the best workout machine for your particular needs (weight loss, muscle training, cardio training, maintaining your cardiovascular fitness, etc.) and how to get the most out of each stride. Our team has tested all the below mentioned elliptical machines and created this rating for your consideration.

Top 5 Rated Elliptical Machines by Our Reviews

  • Warranty
    5 Year
  • Dimensions
    70 x 28 x 71"
  • Product Weight
    226 pounds
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  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Dimensions
    37 x 18 x 31"
  • Product Weight
    138 pounds
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  • Warranty
    2 Year
  • Dimensions
    27 x 58 x 83"
  • Product Weight
    300 pounds
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  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Dimensions
    78 x 30 x 18"
  • Product Weight
    182 pounds
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  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Dimensions
    27 x 58 x 71"
  • Product Weight
    198 pounds
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10 Key Features to Consider Before Buying an Elliptical Machine

Before buying an elliptical machine you should be aware of its features to be able to choose the best for you in all senses. That's why we have made this list of features which you should definitely consider:

  • Elliptical machine type

    - There are several types of elliptical trainers you can consider which differ in the way they function:
    1. Air resistance ellipticals

      - These are simple: when you pedal, you turn the fan and the air provides resistance. Therefore, the faster you pedal, the more resistance you'll get.
    2. Belt resistant ellipticals

      - These are very seldom seen on good ellipticals. Here a rubber belt is used to create friction against a flywheel which eventually causes its wear-out.
    3. Magnetic resistance ellipticals

      - These are considered to be high-end devices: when you pedal, the electromagnet that is placed near the flywheel provides resistance. If you need more or less resistance, you have to push the button.
  • Weight limit

    - Knowing a weight limit for your machine is a significant issue to prevent it from damage. Weight limits vary for each model of ellipticals with an average figure of 250-400 lbs. Commercial elliptical trainers have a higher weight capacity, but if you select a machine for home use, most probably you won't find it higher than 300 lbs.
  • Motor

    1. Front Drive

      - The flywheel is placed in the front and this provides flatter and more comfortable movements for people with a longer stride.
    2. Rear Drive

      - The flywheel is placed in the rear and this position provides smoother rides due to increased inertia. Moreover, rear drive ellipticals have fewer moving parts, and this involves less breakage and fewer fixes.
    3. Center Drive

      - Such ellipticals are smaller. When the flywheel is placed in the center, the weight of the user is put in the middle of the machine while the drive mechanisms are placed on the sides. This provides a sturdy base for the user and helps to maintain the body in a natural position.
  • Workout intensity control

    - Ellipticals allow you to control your workout intensity. You are able to manage incline and resistance levels to get the most productive exercise because adjustable incline and resistance make this equipment the most productive cross-trainer.
  • Pre-set and custom programs

    - A variety of exercise programs is your key to success in workout. Having the same program for every training is boring and ineffective. Ellipticals can not only add challenge to your training, but also keep you motivated with a wide range of fresh programs which can be customized according to your specific needs. Some machines are able to "memorize" your favorite workouts or help you set up your own training course.
  • Electronic features

    - Most elliptical machines have lots of interactive electronic features allowing a user to see the calories burned. When selecting an elliptical you need to look for those electronic features that will prove both challenging and motivating. Among the most common ones is a heart rate monitor which will adjust your workout to help you stay on track.
  • Heart rate control

    - You must know how important it is to measure your heart rate when training. If it is too high, there is a risk of injury. If it is too low, you won't get the needed effect and won't reach your exercise goals.
  • Size

    - An elliptical trainer is quite big in size but it's not bigger than a treadmill, so you can easily move this equipment in case you need to obtain more space in the room. If you select a centre drive elliptical, you will get a smaller machine. We did reviews of the best space saving elliptical machines and decribed benefits for each of them in case small room.
  • Noise level

    - An elliptical machine is exclusive equipment that is really quiet in operation at all intensity levels. It is the best choice for everyone especially those who like to train in the early morning or women with small children.
  • Budget

    - If you want to lose weight and keep fit but think it's impossible due to the high cost of the equipment, we must say you are 100% mistaken. An elliptical machine is not that expensive, though, of course, there are pricy variants with additional options, such as USB, LED or a cooling fan. But believe our vast experience: everyone is able to afford it.

Best Elliptical Machine Brands

Most people don't even realize the potential of elliptical machines and go on spending money on unnecessary and inefficient things like diet pills. With these trainers you will be able to get benefit both for your health and appearance.

There are some elliptical machine brands that are considered the best on the market due to the equipment they produce and the feedback they receive from their users. Among these most popular elliptical machine brands we defined the following:

  • Schwinn

  • ProForm

  • Sole

  • Horizon

  • Nordictrack

  • Precor

Most people state Schwinn™ is the leading brand of fitness equipment. The brand provides great elliptical machines with high-end features and customization at reasonable prices. Schwinn offers several models of elliptical trainers: Schwinn 470, Schwinn 430, Schwinn A40, Schwinn A45 and Schwinn 520 Reclined. Among them Schwinn 430 Elliptical is one of the most high rated with 22 programs and many other useful features. Moreover, according to our personal research, these trainers are one of the most durable options on the market which are definitely worth considering.

Starting with $599, Proform™ offers a range of options for every budget. ProForm ellipticals come with many advanced options which will make the training both challenging and entertaining. Moreover, they contain such unique features that are absent in other machines as self-generating electronics or a fording frame design. So if you have a limited budget and a strong desire to exercise, you may decide to opt for one of ProForm elliptical machines.

Sole Fitness™ is popular in the whole world for the best sporting equipment which is used both in many establishments and at home. Sole elliptical trainers are famous for their upper and lower body workout which is reported to be the most effective compared to other ellipticals brands. Among the most frequently purchased models is Sole E35 and another popular model Sole E25. Elliptical machine that provides its user with gym quality exercise, with its performance backed by the technology Sole offers.

This brand is known for its exclusive SixStar elliptical frame which is designed to fully fit its user's body and provide comfortable exercise. Horizon elliptical trainers can boast of ergonomics which helps to get the most effective workout and top additional features such as incline increments, multiple resistance levels and other beneficial options like built-in speakers, audio in- and outputs and fans. Some users told us that a 15-minute exercise on Horizon ellipticals may equal to a 45-minute walk.

NordicTrack is considered to be a part of the biggest fitness equipment manufacturer, Icon Fitness, and the value of NordicTrack elliptical machines cannot be unnoticeable. The company sold millions of pieces of equipment which is said to be of better quality than in their competitors. Solid construction of NordicTrack elliptical machines coupled with long stride, smooth motion, silent operation and extra features is good for the money spent.

Precor™ is the leader of elliptical machine suppliers to gyms, health clubs and homes being the benchmark for quality at affordable prices. Due to the technology and features of Precor their elliptical trainers meet all the users' expectations and provide them with good, gym-quality workout. Though for most people Precor ellipticals turned out to be more expensive than similar models.

Benefits of Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines should be the most used equipment at your small home gym because they are the best for cardio and endurance trainings. Among the main benefits of elliptical trainers are the following:

  • Total body workout

    - They allow you to use lots of muscles during the training. Specialists claim the more muscles are working, the more fat you are burning.
  • Lower body exercise

    - They help to fix weak quadriceps and hamstrings, especially if you pedal both ways on the machine.
  • Upper body exercise

    - They make shoulder, arm, chest muscles, biceps and triceps work simultaneously together with leg muscles, and that is very efficient for core and upper body muscle training.
  • Non-impact exercise

    - They provide less strain on your joints compared to running. However, elliptical training is identical to treadmill exercises in terms of cardio exercise and calorie burning but ellipticals lower joint stress.
  • Calorie burner

    - Ellipticals help you to burn approximately 400 calories in a 30-minute exercise. Though the total amount of calories burned depends on your weight and workout intensity.
  • Health promoter

    - An elliptical trainer helps to promote and maintain your cardiovascular health. It is considered to be even a better workout for your legs than walking or running.
  • Space saver

    - An elliptical machine is perfect for home training because it takes less space than other machines and can be easily moved around.
  • Reasonable price

    - With elliptical trainers you get value for money.


As you can see an elliptical machine is the best way to get full body workout and keep fit. They are very easy and fun to use because they were constructed to meet fitness needs of all their users: from beginners to pros and from teenagers to older people. Buying a high-quality elliptical trainer will be your big step towards a healthy way of life. That's why we recommend you opt for the best ellipticals there are on the market – Schwinn and Precor elliptical machines.

If you haven't tried an elliptical trainer, you just need to give it a test. Don't miss your chance and opt for the best workout models.