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Best Elliptical Machines for Home

To move indeed means to live, and no matter if you are going in for sports in the gym or have a home-based one equipped with an elliptical machine. Still, there are some evident reasons why people usually skip physical activity, namely weather conditions, health limitations connected with joint problems, lack of time for workout or absence of equipment when you need it.

Taking into account the reasons mentioned above more and more people prefer to purchase elliptical machines for low-impact workout, avoiding heat, rain and crowded gyms. So let’s find out how to choose the most suitable model for your healthy workout. Besides we will single out some core aspects which should be on top of the search list when it comes to selection of the best elliptical machines for home.

Pre-Shopping Hints

Your decision to start doing exercises is actually the first and the most important thing. After that you should consider the following hints before the actual purchase:

  1. Depending on the footage of your room you should choose the right machine size. Count and measure every centimeter to avoid future inconveniences.
  2. Top safety and stability. For you to concentrate on the workout you do need a stable and safe machine. Still, heavier does not always mean the most stable. Professionally designed lighter models provide either the same or even higher stability level. Besides, if you have kids, keep them away from your home gym as moving parts of ellipticals are dangerous.
  3. It's preferable to consider delivery and assembly questions in advance. If you want to avoid transportation and assembling mess, it's better to set these both options as obligatory in your search. The good thing is that the majority of shops offer these services.
  4. Warranty issue. It is recommended to search for offers with at least two years of full coverage.

Must-Have Features

There are many different features to consider while most of them depend on your wallet possibilities like built-in accessories. Still, some are in a 'must-have' category. Check for more below:

  • Number of resistance levels. This point is important for people who want to control their workout progress. The more resistance levels you have, the more varied your workout will be. The highest number of resistance levels can be found in NordicTrack Elite.
  • If you are looking for the best elliptical machines for home, make sure the models are adjustable. It is actually one of the core requirements for the most comfortable and healthy position for your body and a possibility to change workout programs. Adjustable also refers to foot pedals requirements in order to avoid injuries. Check ProForm Smart Strider for the highest adjustable levels.
  • Stride length variety. It totally depends on your height, so if you are tall, be advised to select ProForm 1310E with 20-inch stride length.
  • Depending on your current weight choose the model with the maximum user's weight index, for example, SOLE E95.
  • Flywheel. When it comes to flywheel keep in mind that machines with rear drive usually take more space that those with front drive, like Nautilus E514c.
  • Number of workout programs. All the best elliptical machines for home include approximately 20-30 different programs. Some like Nordic Track Elite have 35 initial programs. The more, the better.

There are many reasons to start using elliptical machines, still it is top important to choose the one that suits your needs and aims the best. According to our research the following machines are real market leaders: ProForm Smart Strider, NordicTrack Elite, Schwinn 430, Sole E35 and Nautilus E514c. So stop hesitating and choose your elliptical.